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COMPLI Sludge Dewatering

When it comes to sludge we give you options. Whether it’s oily tank bottoms, DAF float or secondary waste bio-solids, high solids, cat fines or emulsified oil we get down and dirty. It’s all about the sludge quality and composition.

Achieving your waste minimization goals in a reliable cost effective manner can be challenging. Aqua Microbics' turnkey sludge dewatering programs provide high and low tech options, each custom designed to handle your particular type of sludge. Our trained field technicians conduct a comprehensive analysis of your sludge, plant operations and field logistics before recommending a dewatering program that will achieve your goals in timely and economical manner. All of our turnkey dewatering programs are available as short term campaigns or longer term assignments up to 7 days/week. 24/7, day and night operations available if needed.


Thick, high solids, oily sludge requires a heavy duty, higher energy solution which brings with it higher efficiency resulting in a cake of maximum dryness. In turn the waste sludge volume is minimized and more importantly transportation and off-site disposal costs are reduced significantly as compared to other means of dewatering.

Depending on sludge treatment requirements, energy recovery and disposal considerations we can provide two phase or three phase centrifuges for water/solids separation or three phase centrifuge with preheat system for oil/water/solids separation.

For sludges with lower solids and less oil such as secondary digester bio-solids which are typically less complicated to handle and dewater we offer simplicity and ease of operation through the use of our sludge dewatering boxes. Using chemical flocculation, fluid dynamics and a permanent or disposable screen these boxes produce a cake that will pass the paint filter test often at a much lower cost than other means of sludge dewatering. Use of the permanent screen, when viable, allows for dewatering operations to be carried out without the added cost of disposable liners.




With either approach we insure that your waste sludge dewatering and disposal needs are met in a timely and cost effective manner.