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COMPLI Wastewater Services

Field Monitoring of Wastewater Treatment Plants
Wastewater Lab Testing & Studies
Wastewater Treatment Consultation & Training

Field Monitoring

Unit Walk Throughs

Field Measurements

  • D.O. Profile
  • pH
  • Temperature
  • SV30
  • Sludge Bed Depth
  • Turbidity Profile

Visual Inspection

  • Primary Treatment Units
  • Secondary Treatment Units
  • Tertiary Treatment Units

Collect Samples for Evaluation

  • Upstream Sewers
  • API
  • DAF or DGF
  • Equalization Tank
  • Aeration Tank or Basin
  • Clarifier
  • Pre and Post Filter Effluent

Laboratory Testing

Conduct Chemical Analysis

  • COD, Sulfides, Phenols, Organic N, Ammonia, NO2, NO3

Perform Jar Tests

  • Optimize DAF Polymer
  • Optimize Clarifier Polymer
  • Optimize Sludge Dewatering

Advanced Microscopic Exam

Bench Scale Tests

  • Nitrification Inhibition
  • Substrate Toxicity
  • Oxidant Screening
  • Respirometry Analysis
  • Treatability Evaluation

Off-Site Advanced
Bio-Chemical Analysis

  • GCMS, ICP and RSC,
  • Ion Chromatography

Multi-Media and Polishing Filter Particle Size Distribution


Review Plant Logs/ History

On-Site System Performance Check

Evaluate Vital Biological/Chemical Parameters

System Characterization

  • Plant Sewer Study
  • HRT Tracer Study
  • Odor Study
  • Toxicity Analysis
  • Effluent and Source Streams
  • Well Injectivity

On-Going and Formal Operator Training

On-Site Support Staffing for Testing/Monitoring and/or Operation of the Wastewater Plant


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