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COMPLI Wastewater Products

Chemical Wastewater Treatment Products
Biological Wastewater Treatment Products
Adsorptive/Filtration Wastewater Treatment Products

Chemical Treatment Products

  • Primary Treatment Emulsion Breakers
  • DAF, DGF Polymers for Oil/Water Separation
  • Polymer/ Chemical Feed Systems
  • Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors
  • H2O2 Supplemental Oxygen Supply
  • Water, Oil and Silicon Based Defoamers
  • Settling and Filter Aid Polymers
  • Press and Centrifuge Dewatering Polymers
  • H2O2 and CLO2 for Sulfides, Phenol Removal,
  • Odor Control Specialty Chemicals/Equipment

Biological Treatment Products


  • Nitrifier Concentrate for Ammonia and NO2 Oxidation
  • Bacteria for Degradation of BOD/COD, Alcohol, Solvents, Oil/Grease, Phenol, Amines, Organo-Sulphur Compounds, Surfactants


  • Bacteria for Degradation of Black Liquor, Surfactants, Turpentine
  • Nitrogen, Phosphorus Nutrients
  • Trace Mineral Micronutrients

Adsorptive/Filtration Products

  • Adsorptive Zeolite Media for Ammonia and Amine Removal
  • PAC for Amine/Toxic Compound Removal
  • Sand/Clay/Activated Carbon Filtration
  • Polishing Filters/Systems to achieve Low Solids Effluent


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